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We are a new startup eager to make our mark in the healthcare industry. We want to enable people to be able to connect with doctors to take their health into their own hands in an easy to understand manner. Currently, we are embarking on this journey by helping diabetes patients with balancing out their blood sugar, eating habits, and exercising habits.


How can we help diabetes patients manage their health better? Diabetes has become one of the fastest-growing diseases in America. Many factors can cause a person to become at risk of developing diabetes. Vitalysis serves as a convenient solution, both for those at risk of diabetes and those who already have a diabetes diagnosis. By utilizing the Vitalysis mobile application, users can monitor the various factors that affect and impact a diabetes diagnosis, allowing them to work towards managing their symptoms with ease and success.

Research + Findings

User Findings

The main purpose of the initial survey was to find and understand users "paint points" in the journey diabetes. Some of the users paint points were in regards of blood sugar, diet, and sleep tracking.

50% of the users were females

50% of the users were 60 y/o

50% of the users were Type II

Designer Role

The design role I have at Vitalysis was translating the problems our Target Audience had and find the design that would fit the most. We started with creating the user flow through the application and then sketching solutions considering the next key points.


UI Design